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Franchisinga Pizzaa Café ™ Kiosk


Pizza outlet business is definitely promising for our Indian market& Pizzaa Café ™ recipes are unique, affordable & definitely tasty where from kids to elders all will relish. Franchising is one of the world’s fastest growing and most lucrative modes of doing business. It is beneficial not only to the person who initiates a business but also to his partner who accepts this business concept and expands it in his own territory. Aim is to Benefit  & Inspire young generation who have flair to grow Individually as a Young Entrepreneur. Motto is to generate business opportunity to people who can be self employed & can create platform of job opportunities to others.


The Pizzaa Café ™ will be preferably located in an area where people look for eat outs for reliable specialty caterer and must have maximum visibility. Preferable college road, family hangout places.  Pizzaa Café ™ shall occupy an area of about 100 square Feet for Kiosk with a capacity of serving 100-300 guests on weekdays and on Weekends.  Pizzaa Café ™ one of the best Fast Food Chain in area which will provide Excellent Quality Fast Food.


Its characteristics are as follow:


·       Varieties of Fast food provided by the Pizzaa Café ™ are much more than those of other Fast Foods outlets.

·       The decoration is of first-class, western style design.

·       The lighting and ventilation are inimitable and attractive.

·       Service will include outside catering and Home Delivery.

·       Pizzaa Café ™ offers price range of medium level.

·       Service in English is available for Non Marathi Speaking customers.

·       Coupons Services.

·        Tie up schemes.


Most Frequently Asked Questions


·       Who is the Owners for Pizzaa Cafe ?     

Ms. Vandanaa Chougolay & Ms. Rita Rane (A.V. Enterprises)


·       Pizzaa Cafe is based out of which City in India?

Offices in Pune & Company Owned Outlets are in Pune.


·       How old is the Organisation?

The Co. Owned Outlets is 7 years Old (2008 ) & Due to Popular demand in the Market, Finally derived a strategy for Franchising from  2015-16 Financial year is Opening .


·       How many Outlets does Pizzaa Cafe  have ?

Pizza Cafe has 3 Outlets in Pune. Franchise outlets in Purnea, Bihar & Angul, Odisha


·       Who are the Target Audience for the Product ?

The Immediate Target Audience is Youth, Corporate, residential areas, families, Age between 5 yrs & above, Everyone, who loves Pizza.


·       Which are the ideal Locations for Pizzaa Cafe ?

Preferably Hi-Street, Hi-Footfall, near Colleges, Corporate offices, Clubs, Busy Markets,Malls, Multiplexes, Food Courts & many more.


·       What is the minimum area required to open Pizzaa Cafe outlet?

Minimum is 100 - 200 sq ft. Franchise can convert this in restaurant format upto 1000sq.ft.



·       Does Pizzaa Cafe helps in Initial set up of the Outlets?

Yes, Pizzaa Cafe has a dedicated Team for Initial Set-up.


·      Does Franchisee has to follow the initial set-up done by Pizzaa Cafe?



·      Can the Franchisee appoint their own Carpenter & Interior designers for Initial Set-Up of Outlet of Pizzaa Cafe ?

Yes,but once Pizzaa Cafe  official Interior design is   approved  along with Branding .


·      Can the Franchisee sell other companies products in Pizzaa Cafe  premises?



·      Can the Franchisee change the Pricing of the Products as and when they wish?

No,the Franchisee doesn’t have the Rights for such changes in Prices of products.Only in the Upmarket, Malls, Multiplexes, Airports, Amusement park, etc where in Pizzaa Cafe will decide the same.


·      How is Supply or Distributions done for the Products  by Pizzaa  Cafe  ?

Pizzaa Cafe will organize the distribution thru the various channels.  


·      Are the product perishable?

The Sauce& Chutney/Pre-mixes has the shelf life up to 6 months. Only the Eateries like –Bread, Dough for Pizzaa has be made Fresh.


·      How are the Return policies of on non-moving products?

There are Return policies.

·      How is the Training done & How long for Training?

In House Training & for 10 days only.


·      Does Pizzaa Cafe helps in Recruitment of Employees?



·      How are the Margins on products of Pizzaa Cafe ?

35%to 55% plus.


·      When is the Break-Even of KIOSK, Model of Pizzaa Cafe ?

KIOSK-10-12 months


·      Can Franchisee shift the Location of KIOSK model?

Yes.The Franchisee can shift within the Radius given with the consent of Pizzaa Cafe.


·      How many days it take for the Interiors?

20days – KIOSK.


·      What is process for taking up the Franchisee of Pizza Cafe?


The Franchisee needs to Sign-Up a LOI (Letter of Intent).


Franchisee Fee plus Taxes towards Pizzaa Cafe.


Sign an Agreement Copy.


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